Simpson Sofa - Cream Poly Blend - Sold by Apt2B - Modern Couch Made in the USA

Every room needs a good showpiece, and the Simpson Sofa will have an immediate pull wherever you place it. While some furniture may bring up funny memories, this fancy sofa is no gag. On the contrary, its contemporary and cushy design has the exact right kind of spunk. The clean lines will be right at home with a modern theme, and the side cushion arm rests are worth cuddling up to. Metal cone legs add an extra dash of zippiness. A choice of fabrics means you can go for any almost any level of the brightness spectrum with this made-in-America Simpson sofa. And our world-class customer service includes free swatches so you won't order a color and find yourself saying "D'oh!" when the sofa arrives.The Simpson Sofa is sleek and contemporary in design! Its clean lines coupled with metal cone legs gives this collection just a little spunk but not so much so that it ends up looking like the sofa from The Simpsons... The ultimate show piece for your stylish room. Features a fancy innerspring seat cushion!