Fabian Apartment Size Sofa - Size: Apartment Size - 68"w - Blue Poly Blend - Sold by Apt2B - Modern Couch Made in the USA

We're dating ourselves here, but the Fabian Apartment Size Sofa is as sleek and dreamy as the famous 1960s teen idol, Fabian Forte. Like one of his famous songs, this made in the USA, cozy sofa beckons you to "Sit Right Down and Write Yourself a Letter" (or, more realistically, binge on Netflix or text a bunch of friends). Featuring a shallower seat depth (76.5"w), the Fabian is just the right size to squeeze into a room with a tight fit. The available larger size - 68"w x 34"d x 32"h - is ideal if you have the extra available space. Choose one of our funky color options to add a pop of personality to your space or opt for one of our neutrals for a soft, serene palette.