Clinton Sofa - Grey & Pink - Modern Couch Made in the USA - Sold by Apt2B

The Clinton Sofa is what we'd consider textbook mid-century furniture. With its uncluttered, sleek lines, minimal ornamentation and smaller scale, it's perfect for tighter living quarters. Quality-made throughout from the solid wood base to the supportive padding, the Clinton Sofa is as durable as it is good looking. Don't you just hate it when you find a sofa that's the exact shape and design you're looking for but find out it only comes in one or two colors (and neither of those colors work for you)? We make the task of finding a sofa that complements your existing furniture easy by offering plenty of color combinations. In case you were wondering, the Clinton Sofa isn't endorsed by the Clintons and we're not sure if they own one, but feel they definitely should!