Blackburn Ave 2pc Sectional Sofa - Leg Finish: Natural - Configuration: Right Chaise - Beige - Sold by Apt2B - Modern Couch Made in the USA

Blackburn Avenue. It sounds like a place where pirates roam the streets. Luckily, after you've barricaded the pillagers out of your home, you can wind down in a Blackburn Ave fabric sectional sofa. This transitional furniture has a classic top and a modern bottom, with a gracefully curved flange and armrests counter with a straight body and natural wood legs. This blend of the past and the present makes a 2-piece sectional sofa that anyone can like. And trust us, its designer Kyle Schuneman knows a lot about making furniture that everyone likes.You'll especially want to keep rogue buccaneers from this sofa because we custom-build each one to your liking. You pick your favorite fabric color, chaise configuration and leg finish below, and we use eco-friendly construction techniques to make a modern sectional sofa that will last until the next modern age. So kick back for some Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Bride or Treasure Island. Or Pirates of Penzance, if that's your thing. We have delivery nationwide so you don't even have to stop the movie when your Blackburn arrives. Hook not included.