Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery - Atlas Disk Pendant Silver

This collection comprises of a quincunx of shapes based on the sacred 5 tower structures of Angkor Wat. Inspired by this architecturally striking and elegant temple complex in Cambodia, the collection mirrors its Ogive or Lotus shaped pointed temple apexes, its intricate columns and detailed patternation. Mixing modern, geometric forms and shapes with organic ruin-esque etched surfaces, pieces give the sense of the present and the past assimilating, reviving and renewing the Khmer aesthetic. The Atlas disk pendant is hand etched from original illustrations of the ruins of Angkor Wat. Intricate textures and surface details create beautiful intricacy. Modern, bold clean shapes contrast with organic, eroded textures evoking ancient treasures of distant centuries past. The Atlas charm signifies the natural, organic beauty of the world, contrasting with geometric man-made beauty of Angkor Wat. Hallmarked Sterling Silver