Anji Mountain

Anji Mountain Square Pouf AMBPF008-1818, 20" x 20" x 20", Blue and Orange

Versatile. Comfortable. Functional. Stylish. Poufs transform your nice room into something better—like adding chocolate sauce to vanilla ice cream. Maybe even Kahlua. These poufs from Anji Mountain provides a perfect complement to any space - Whether used alone or in a seating plan. 30 artist designed, expertly woven and hand crafted by skilled Weavers, to fit any decor. High quality fabrics creates a trustworthy pouf. Anji Mountain works closely through the manufacturing process to ensure unique one of a kind designs are created at the highest quality. Finished and filled in the United States, reduces emissions and saves on costs. With a superior bead fill, these poufs are comfortable to sit on. They hold their shape and are at least 16" In Height for a stable sit. Correct adult size pouf ranges from 20x20x20" To 26x26x18".