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Dream Bath PVC Anti-Bacterial Mildew Resistant Shower Liner, 72x72 inch, Taupe

One clear PVC shower curtain liner from Dream Bath, with 12 metal grommets and 3 large magnets to rapidly hang your shower curtain in the bathroom. Dream Bath has many of these in stock so purchase several now to keep in your linen closet at home for a rainy day. Use these clear shower curtain liners at home or at your holiday home to protect your bathroom floor from getting wet and for bathroom privacy. Made from a strong PVC plastic to be long-lasting. Thick plastic ensures that normal wear and tear won’t result in tears to flimsy thin plastic shower curtain liners for your shower. At 0.07 mm thickness and a light weight of 320 g, the 12 grommets and 3 large magnets make the hanging of this shower curtain super quick and easy. Magnets keep the curtain liner in place easily. Dream Bath has come up with another winner here. Design your Dream Bath today with American Dream's full line of home goods!