Retro Vintage Striped Pattern with Brushed Lines Plaid Inspired Geometric Grid Dog Mat Ambesonne Size: Large (48" W x 32" D x 6" H)

Save both your pet and your living room with a stylish addition. The pet mat is made out of high resilience durable foam at the bottom and soft and comfortable high-quality Visco elastic foam at the top. The upper part is detachable so that you can carry your new mat and even make it a dog couch. The softer part of the mat especially important for old and unhealthy dogs. But the features do not end there the pet mat set includes a stylish high quality bite-proof and scratch resistant cover with a beautiful print on. You can remove and wash the cover with ease the print on it will not fade for a long time. You can get a perfect fit for slow and hard to move pets or if you have a more active friend you can get a mat with plenty of room. This is a great mat for old and unhealthy dogs because this well-made mat can give the comfort your pet needs and you can sleep sound knowing that your pet has been taken care of. Decorative, bold and vibrant prints of the mat allow some flexibility in where you can put your mat so you do not have to change or disrupt your habits or decoration. You can put together the mat really easy and your dog will absolutely love the detachable memory foam part of the mat that you can move around. If you know somebody who owns a dog or other animals that can use a mat this is the perfect gift for them. You can give it to your family or friend, relative or to yourself. With this mat, you can give your pet the comfort they deserve. Ambesonne Size: Large (48" W x 32" D x 6" H)