Alwyn Home

Gaeta Down Blanket Alwyn Home Size: 80" L x 84" W

Buddle up next to a warm campfire nothing beats sitting next to a campfire bundled up in a blanket. Those summer nights under the crisp night sky has just gotten a bit warmer with these puff down camping blankets. These puffy blankets are designed for backpacking and your everyday weekend adventure. Everything from camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing and road trip adventures, this was in the hands of their testing team. Here is a word from the founder on the camping blanket: This blanket was extremely warm while they were in lake Tahoe were it was in 20's at night. Ditch the cold and grab a down camping blanket. Throw the small stuff sack into your bag for any trip and stay warm! Alwyn Home Size: 80" L x 84" W