Alora Lighting

Tagliato LED Vanity Light by Alora Lighting

Presenting a blend of classic and contemporary, the design of the Tagliato LED Vanity Light by Alora is a treat for the discerning viewer. A sharp, modern base with a bold matte finish mounts a singular, enclosed oval track. Finishing with three identical, yet smooth globes, the track gains a gold accent, as if transformed by the power of the fixture itself. When turned on, the glass globes, with an energy-efficient LED encased within, softly illuminate and spread light in an even, serene form. The definition of the Greek word Alora means shining light, which is the exact sentiment that captures the vision of this luxury lighting brand. One of their most popular collections is Tagliato, which combines chic materials to create eye-popping designs that are both modern and classic. Alora uses creative design techniques to produce stunning creations from translucent orb pendants with exposed bulbs to crystal-like walls sconces.