Alora Lighting

Revolve CH3090 Chandelier by Alora Lighting - Color: Bronze - Finish: Urban Bronze - (CH309024UBCG)

The Revolve CH3090 Chandelier by Alora Lighting brings luxuriousness and grandeur to a variety of contemporary ceilings, due to its gorgeous aesthetic founded upon roundness, smoothness, and tastefully old-fashioned elements. Its Metal frame is crafted into a hollow circle shape, with rectangular lines extending through its center to create a wheel-like design. Cylindrical Glass shades stand upward and hang down from the frame, with each shade holding a candelabra bulb that shines with refinement and sophistication. The definition of the Greek word Alora means shining light, which is the exact sentiment that captures the vision of this luxury lighting brand. One of their most popular collections is Tagliato, which combines chic materials to create eye-popping designs that are both modern and classic. Alora uses creative design techniques to produce stunning creations from translucent orb pendants with exposed bulbs to crystal-like walls sconces. Shape: Round. Color: Bronze. Finish: Urban Bronze