AllStar Rugs

Power Loom Black Rug AllStar Rugs Rug Size: Rectangle 5'2" x 7'2"

Exotic, powerful, sexy, primal, bold and high fashion. Here is a line created with the colors and themes of nature and the beautiful prints and patterns of exotic wildlife. The thrill of a safari in your room. These bold and powerful designs are the "Always in Fashion" designs and motifs for any space. Woven with a heavy extended pile density using advanced technique double pointing to highlight and accentuate design and pattern highlights combined with drop-stitching for dimensional carving effects. The fantastic weave textures and primal skin prints will arouse and excite the natural senses while providing a cushion comfortable plush pile feeling under your feet. AllStar Rugs Rug Size: Rectangle 5'2" x 7'2"