Alessi"Collo-alto" Flatware Set Of Twelve Table Spoons, Table Forks, Table Knives, Dessert Forks, Dessert Knives, Coffee Spoons and one Ladle, Serving Spoon and Fork in 18/10 Stainless Steel, Silver

The cutlery set "Collo-alto", designed by Inga Sempe is composed of twelve table spoon, twelve table forks, twelve table knives, twelve dessert forks, twelve dessert knives, twelve coffee spoons, one serving spoon, one serving fork and one ladle. The elongated and narrow shape of the segment that connects the handle with the active part of the cutlery gives the name Collo alto (Italian for 'long neck') to this collection. The slender neck gives a particular lightness to the cutlery whose distinctive aspect is the contrast between curved and straight lines and combine large and narrow volumes.