Hand-painted Traditional Portuguese Ceramic Decorative Platter, Red

FeaturesMaterial: Alcobaça Ceramic Hand PaintedDimensions:16.5" x 6 Inch (W x L)5 Designs Availablesince these are handmade and hand painted the one you will receive may be slightly different than what is shown in the pictureProduct DescriptionTraditional ceramic uses clay, feldspar (especially potassium) and silicon dioxide as the main raw materials. In addition to these basic elements, traditional pottery can still resort to the use of additives to increase its processing or its final properties.After being subjected to a prolonged drying time to remove most of the water, the molded artifact is subjected to high temperatures (around 540 ° C) to give it stiffness and strength by fusion of certain elements of mass, setting the glazes in the surface's layers. Ceramics can result in artistic work, which produces pieces with aesthetic value, or in an industrial process, which produces pieces with a utilitarian purpose.