Albius Soap

Draining soap dish - Handmade

This model has warm round lines that highlight the wood natural curves. The wood earthy tones and unique patterns will fit perfectly in your home design Our artisanal process result in uniquely crafted pieces, each with their own character. Our process always starts by selecting the best raw materials for our products. Each wood piece is carefully selected from responsibly sourced providers. Our soap dishes are made on demand and carved manually. We work with a selection of domestic and exotic woods. Our Black Cherry is sourced from Vermont. Grown, cut and kiln-dried by a multi-generation family business, before getting a new life in our customers creations. Its reddish golden tones will evolve to a famously favorable rich brown red in time. They are finished using 100% natural Tung oil to ensure water resistance and durability. Our soap dish will extend the longevity of all your soap bars, by allowing them to dry properly between uses. Each soap dish is 5'' x 3.5'' x 1'', allowing to store even the large soap bars. Almost all our orders are made on demand; we expect 1-2 business days to prepare your order