AHeirloom State of Wisconsin Cutting Board

Our signature state shaped cutting boards are designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY, by our small housewares company AHeirloom. Each board is drawn, scaled and cut to reflect the true curvature of some of our favorite state borderlines, as precise as possible. To provide maximum durability and longevity our cutting boards are made of strong bamboo constructed with 3-ply formaldehyde free strands that is cross laminated to 3/4-inch thickness. The Bamboo is responsibly grown in a rapidly renewable in managed forest, organically grown bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and is also an ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our old growth forests for use in manufacturing. The care of your cutting board is simple. Please rub with mineral or olive oil to achieve a matte finish, safe for food preparation. Once applied, we do not suggest submerging the board in water and only occasionally a quick wipe with a wet sponge to clean. We hope that each board will provide your friends and family with a decorative and useful reminder of their favorite state.