Agneta Bugyte - White Gold Grains Earrings

Nubs of gold scattered along a textured black rod produce a luscious statement. Elegant and classic. The scrolled friction backs of the earrings ensure a strong and secure fit, with smooth comfortable adjustment. Subtle yet eye-catching luxury. DETAILS 18ct gold, sterling silver with patina. WHITE GOLD The technical details of this particular white gold are interesting. The white gold grains have a high palladium content: this makes them whiter than 18-carat gold, and also much more expensive. The palladium is iridium-refined to minimize porosity, and as such, these grains do not need rhodium plating, and are nickel free. Remove your jewellery when cleaning, showering, doing exercise or playing sports. Remove earrings when your hair is being styled or coloured to keep them from getting caught in combs or brushes. Put jewellery on after applying cosmetics, perfume, lotion, hair products and other chemical substances that can be corrosive. Jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. After wearing, apply diluted dishwashing detergent to a clean cotton cloth and wipe your jewellery to clean off any oil and dirt from the piece. Rub the piece in one direction, avoid circular motions. Dry completely before storing. Keep individual pieces separate to avoid scratching. Remember that jewellery is for decoration and should be treated like an exclusive item. Hand made in United Kingdom.