Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics

Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics AHC Aqua Essential Face Mask for Stressed and Tired Skin Calming 100% Cotton Sheet 5 count

Discover the K-Beauty secret everyone is talking about - Aqua essential calming face mask from the innovative skincare brand, Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics. Enriched with Aqua Ceramide, ahc's unique patented moisturizing ingredient, The Aqua essential mask collection delivers intense hydration to leave your skin looking radiant. Rich in nutrients, it helps smooth skin without the feeling of stickiness, while hydrating skin with the luxurious essence. Our sheet masks are made with a unique 100% pure cotton fabric. The sheets are gentle and soft to use on even the most delicate skin, while lightly fitting along the facial contours. A super-soft cotton sheet mask is a well-known part of the daily Korean beauty ritual.