A.S. Creation

Pandora, Textile Flower Frond Graphic Striped Wallpaper Roll Wall Decor

When Pandora, Greek mythology highly gifted first woman on earth, opened her fabled box, she released all the evils that exist, making the world a dark and dreary place. When the wallpaper designers at A.S. Creation delved deep into their creative box of tricks, the result was the exact opposite: Out came stylish, colorful decors, simply designed to make life and the walls we live in brighter, livelier and altogether more uplifting. This heterogeneous collection offers a dazzling wealth of designs, with flowers and fronds, baroque ornaments and stripe and graphic motifs, some drawn with a fine hairbrush, others exuberantand opulent. The color palette of the motifs and the color - coordinated plains in attractive textile structures also covers the complete spectrum, from delicate creams and beiges to vibrant reds, greens, blues, violets and purples. Simply made for combining creatively and giving every room in the house a refreshingly different feel.