A.S. Creation

Metropolis, Urban Graphic Stripes Floral Textured Plain White Wallpape

Under the motto "Enjoy your home with METROPOLIS", the Berlin-based designer Michael Michalsky launched his wallpaper collection in 2013. Since then he has built up a solid customer base and is now adding a further five wallpaper designs. In collaboration with A.S. Cration, Michalsky has now created another five series of different non-woven wallpapers. Devoted to the theme of METROPOLIS, they bear the names of well-known trendsetting metropolitan districts. Straightforward, modern and extravagant these wallpapers represent an urban and comfortable style of living. The new designs incorporate nearly sixty variations, offering an array of options with graphical patterns, stripes, floral prints and ornamentation as well as textured plain colours, to give your walls a new look.