3x1 Junction High-Rise Kick Flare Jeans

Featuring seamed details along the legs for an edgy, utility-inspired twist, this flared pair sits high on the waist to elongate your silhouette. About 3x1The tastemakers at 3x1 specialize in expertly tailored fits and silhouettes that are always in the vanguard of the latest denim trends. Founder Scott Morrison reinvented the retail environment with his innovative store designs - his flagship Manhattan store was centered around a glass-enclosed jean factory, so shoppers could watch their denim being made. This transparency carried through to the brand's clear and simple approach to design, which filled a void in the world of denim by speaking to the customer's love of limited-edition, custom pieces. Today, each pair is crafted by a twenty-four-person team in a SoHo atelier, which houses the world's largest selvedge denim collection sourced from prestigious mills around the globe.