See Martha and the Property Brothers' Plans to Remodel the White House Press Room in Hilarious Correspondents' Dinner Skit

Martha's ideal press room includes a lake filled with swans.

split image of video grabs of the Property Brothers and Martha Stewart from White House Correspondents Dinner

Courtesy of CSPAN

Drew and Jonathan Scott, hosts of the home renovation show The Property Brothers, just pitched their plan for their highest profile home yet—the White House. But it looks like the duo is going to need some assistance from our founder in order to get the job done.

The brothers and Martha starred in a hilarious pre-taped skit during Saturday's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. The high-profile event raises money to support the White House press corps, events and programs to educate the public about the First Amendment, and scholarships to help the next generation of journalists.

At this year's dinner, White House Correspondents' Association President Tamara Keith revealed that the press room is getting an official remodel in coming months. "The press workspace is cramped and the furniture is literally falling apart. The briefing room seats are mysteriously sticky," she said. "We have this room that we affectionally call 'the lavateria,' that is a combo lunch room bathroom. And the last time any of this was updated was when George W. Bush was president."

While it sounds like a renovation really is in the works, Keith turned to Drew and Jonathan for a fake, but funny consultation ahead of the dinner. "Unfortunately, it's a bit of a fixer upper to put it nicely," the brothers said in the video. "But we've got some big ideas to give the White House press area a big refresh."

The video then cuts to a video call between the siblings and a few officials, including Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, and Mitch Landrieu, infrastructure czar. Jean-Pierre asks Drew and Jonathan what their plans are for the space, explaining that the two weren't originally their first pick for the job. "We originally wanted to hire Martha Stewart, but she wanted to build a lake and put 24 swans in it," she said.

While the brothers' plans seemed promising at first—with ideas to replace the furniture and add new cabinets, flooring, and lighting—their vision quickly took a turn. They shared ideas to bulldoze the rose garden, lose the west colonnade, and transform the Oval Office into a Dave & Buster's. "Huh, how interesting?" Jean-Pierre said before abruptly ending the video call.

After creative differences with the Scott brothers, White House officials got Martha on the phone. "I knew you'd come crawling back," she said while making a faux swan. "They always do."

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