Martha Says She'll Never Retire: "That's Not What My Life Is About"

As her recent Sports Illustrated cover proves, the best is yet to come for Martha.

Her historic Sports Illustrated cover says it all, but Martha just reaffirmed her feelings about slowing down—it's not going to happen. In a recent interview with People, the entrepreneur and lifestyle expert opened up about her stance on retirement and her busy schedule, which she plans to keep, well, busy.

"There's no relaxing really going on," Martha said. There isn't time for it: Whether she's shooting a cooking or gardening episode for the Roku channel, developing quality products for home cooks and hosts, entertaining guests at her Bedford estate, or tending to her animals and expansive grounds, Martha's days are jam-packed. Even her days off are active. She spends her free time outside, where she's always "planning the next garden, weeding the borders, [and] running to find some more trees for another project," she said.

martha stewart at bedford farm
Pieter Estersohn

Martha prefers it that way, since taking a step back just isn't an option. "That's not what my life is about," she said. She remains committed to her mission of educating others, something she considers a vocation: "My life is about doing things and learning things and teaching things." 

Instead, Martha is taking a step forward towards the monumental release of her 100th book, which will include her all-time favorite 100 recipes and touch on how they have evolved with the times. "We have beautiful photographs, historic photographs from over the years of the dishes and how they've changed," she said. "It just shows how, over the years, things have changed in presentation, dishes, and glassware even. It's sort of curious!"

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