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Martha Foundation

Like its parent company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Foundation (501(c)(3) status pending) seeks to enable a vision of the future that reflects the mission of our company: turning dreamers into doers. This vision has spawned an entire business centered on the concept of good living. We persevere in our belief that the subject of living is limitless and worthy of celebration. We believe that an appreciation and mastery of the home arts and domestic sciences, nutrition, and horticulture are key building blocks that foster individual self-esteem, strengthen family, and build community while promoting economic well-being. The Foundation therefore targets programs that afford women and families access to the knowledge and resources they need to build better lives.

The Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Foundation is about more than making grants. Our company is a leading provider of original "how-to" information, inspiring and engaging consumers with unique lifestyle content and high-quality products. Our employees are among the most skilled, creative, and talented in the world. Indeed our employees are a big part of how we give back to our communities -- we invest in what is important to them. Our employees are encouraged to volunteer in their communities or with their favorite causes through three company-sponsored days per year. We are looking for creative ways to help improve the lives of women, whether it's a grant, gift of our products, or donation of our employees' skills and time.