Madeline Buiano

Madeline Buiano, Staff Writer for Martha Stewart
Title: Staff Writer
Education: University of Delaware
Location: New York, NY
Expertise: gardening, cleaning, pets

Madeline Buiano is the staff writer at She is a lifestyle writer with a background covering a range of topics—from gardening and cleaning content to beauty, pets, and food. With five years of experience in the digital publishing industry, Madeline loves digging deep to give readers the content they need to live easier. 


  • Former writer at The Daily Meal, covering restaurant reviews, ingredient spotlights, and recipe roundups.  
  • Bachelor’s degree in English literature with a concentration in journalism from the University of Delaware.
  • 5 years of writing experience.


Madeline is a lifestyle writer with five years of experience in the digital publishing industry. Prior to joining in 2021, Madeline spent two years working as a food writer for The Daily Meal. During her time there, she covered restaurant news, recipe roundups, and the site’s annual "Best Of" lists. In her last year at TDM, Madeline also ran the site’s Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest accounts. 

In her current role as staff writer, Madeline researches and writes a range of content across verticals. She spends most of her time focusing on gardening, cleaning, and pet content, and enjoys diving deep into these topics to produce quality content for readers. She also contributes to news by ideating, pitching, and writing timely content.


Madeline graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in English literature and a concentration in journalism in 2018. During her time there, she worked as the senior editor for the university's newspaper, The Review. She wrote and edited content across verticals, including breaking news, campus life, and arts and culture. In her senior year, Madeline was chosen as the university's James R. Soles fellow. This honor led her to her first post-graduate position at the Center for Public Integrity, a non-profit, investigative journalism outlet.

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