7 Tips to Support Digestive Health

Provided by Quaker® Oats

Age can have an impact on your digestive system. Experts recommend at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day to keep things moving nice and smoothly through your colon and intestines. Here are smart ways to help maintain an active and heathy digestive track.

1. Drink water. Digestion may seem all about food but hydration is also important. Fill a glass of water with every meal and sip while you snack too (flavor with lemon or lime slices if preferred). Depending on exercise and other various factors, your water needs will vary from day to day.

2. Boost your soluble fiber. Find soluble fiber in food sources such as Old Fashioned Quaker® Oats and flaxseeds. They help slow digestion. 

3. Then boost your insoluble fiber. While soluble fiber gives your digestive system time to work, insoluble fiber can help reduce constipation. Focus on whole grains, whole fruit and vegetables. 

4. Exercise regularly. Staying active keeps food moving through your digestive system and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

5. Incorporate probiotics into your diet. Probiotics are live bacteria found in foods that may provide health benefits. 

6. Add legumes (aka beans) to your meal routine. Low in fat and packed with appetite-curbing soluble fiber and protein, legumes also have a low glycemic index. 

7. Skip alcohol. It can cause irritation to the stomach and may lead to bowel issues.

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