10 Ways to Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Provided by Quaker® Oats

Get the most out of every, ordinary day with simple ideas that’ll bring a wealth of joy and wellness to your life. Follow these helpful guidelines to cast a positive light on everything you do starting today!

1. Comparison will steal your joy. Instead of comparing yourself to others (which may cause you to feel down on yourself or your abilities), switch to positive thinking. If you find comparison as a motivator, then push yourself to keep up with a friend or a mentor who you look up to and enjoy your progress. 

2. Treat your body well. Don’t let extra pounds or lack of physical stamina keep you from living and loving life. Focus on healthy balanced meals that include a source of fiber such as Old Fashioned Quaker® Oats. It’s made from 100% whole grain oats. Top a hearty hot bowl with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey and enjoy the taste of heart healthy deliciousness. 

3. Enjoy what you eat. Eating while rushed is robbing your body of its ability to focus on taste, decreasing satisfaction from the food you’re eating.  

4. Create family rituals. Create a daily habit of engaging with your family by asking questions about their day. At breakfast, you can ask your kids what they’re looking forward to learning at school and at dinner, you can ask them how it went and what they learned. 

5. Try something new. From taking a different fitness class to reading a book from a different genre, you should get adventurous and make spontaneous choices. Discovering and learning new things can boost your memory and brain activity, while reducing stress. 

6. Practice gratitude. Feeling and expressing gratitude can lead to improved optimism and better feelings about life overall. There are countless ways for you to remind yourself that you have a full, rich life.

7. Connect with others. Relationships trigger your brain’s reward center. They help stave off loneliness, which has all sorts of negative consequences including, surprisingly, a more fragile immune system.

8. Embrace your emotions. A full life doesn’t mean a life without sadness. A full life includes all sorts of emotions. In fact, experiencing negative emotions, including anxiety, can help spur decision making, which holds positive brain benefits in the end.

9. Big moments are great, but small moments count too. We tend to bookmark our years by happenings—graduations, travel, job changes. But the small moments can help you learn to focus on what’s positive like finishing a race or spending more time with loved ones. 

10. Slow down. A full life looks different for everyone. For you, it may mean hosting dinner parties every week or spending long weekends traveling with family. But it could also mean lots of downtime and relaxation after long work days or projects. A full life doesn’t necessarily mean being constantly busy. Downtime is essential for you to imprint your memories and restore energy so you can remain productive.

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