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Martha's Everyday Food Sony DashTM App Support

Here's where you'll find answers to common questions about Martha's Everyday Food app for the Sony Dash. For help using Martha's Everyday Food app for the iPhone, click here. To learn more about the Sony Dash personal internet Internet viewer, or for device support, click here.


1. What does Martha's Everyday Food app do?

Martha's Everyday Food app for the Sony Dash offers a quick and easy daily dinner recipe along with nutritional information and an audio tip from Martha herself, as well as a library of seasonal picks from the previous 30 days.

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2. How do I find Martha's Everyday Food app on my Sony Dash?

Your Sony Dash comes pre-loaded with Martha's Everyday Food app in the default channel. To browse to the app, touch the arrows to the right and left of the app window until it appears. If the app is not in the channel, see: I deleted the app from my channel.

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3. Can I view the app in a larger window?

To view the app in full-screen mode, touch the Expand App icon (a large gray triangle) in the upper-right-hand corner of the app window. To return the app to the smaller screen, press the Menu/Snooze bar on the top of the unit.

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4. I deleted the app from my channel. Can I add it back?

First, make sure you've actually deleted the app, which comes preloaded in the default channel. See How do I find Martha's Everyday Food app? for instructions. To add the app, begin by touching the Menu button in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen. Touch the Themes and Apps button on the following menu, and then touch the apps button. You will be presented with icons for various categories. Choose the "Lifestyle" icon, and browse among the apps to find Martha's Everyday Food. Touch the icon to add. You can also add apps to your channels at

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