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Since April 2014, Debi Traub has shared her life, photos, and recipes online at Simply Beautiful Eating. She believes that a recipe isn't a recipe until it starts in your heart, is completed in your kitchen, and served with love. The food and recipes Debi creates are simple, beautiful, and everyone loves eating them. Debi is married to her best friend Steve, and is a mom to three grown sons, who are her greatest fans and biggest critics. While enjoying a successful career in the public sector, Debi's true passion has always been cooking, baking and more recently, food styling and photography. She credits her cooking skills to her 95-year-old mother who has always encouraged her daughter to watch, learn and complete the challenge of recreating her recipes with no measured ingredients. Debi lives in Toronto, Canada where she creates a wondrous array of food for her family and friends.

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