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Craig and Sara Jenkins-Sutton

Fueled by a love of landscaping, Craig Jenkins-Sutton started Topiarius in the spring of 2003 and set about beautifying the Chicagoland area. In two years, his wife, Sara, joined Topiarius as co-owner. After much success, Sara became inspired to bring what Topiarius does on the outside in the garden to the inside, and Topiarius Floral Design was launched.In the early days, Craig was Topiarius’ sole employee, managing everything. Today, he is focused on promoting and selling services, as well as landscape design. Craig’s knowledge of construction and years in the green industry allow him to combine creativity and practicality in his designs. And his proven ability to anticipate and understand the full scope of a project gives his designs amazing durability.Since founding the company with Craig, Sara’s role has evolved over the years. She started out in the field, digging and planting with Craig. Now she manages all of the business functions for Topiarius, from marketing and promotion to financial management.Together they have worked to grow a company that creatively meets the landscape design and installation needs of urban dwellers.

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