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Gail E. Lambka

Gail Lambka is a Midwesterner who grew up being schooled by her mother and grandmother in the traditional art of pysanky, Ukrainian Easter eggs. At age 8, she was "writing" her own pysanky and soon began teaching others. The pysanky community is derived of artists whose enthusiasm toward “writing” pysanka is displayed in the magical patterns and ever-changing geometry that is pysanka.
Gail found that she could never elevate her craft to her own high standards because of the irregularities in store-bought eggs.
Her passion toward pysanky, and the “perfect eggshell,” drove her to pursue naturally organic eggshells. She began by developing contacts in the local backyard farmer community and her business NakedEggs was born. After a period of scouring the Internet for additional contacts, and through word of mouth, Gail saw her business grow from a few varieties of chicken eggs to eggs from more than 50 different breeds, including peahen and quail. The hunt for naturally organic eggs has become as much a part of her business as selling eggs. Her biggest surprise, however, was the fact that people other than crafters were interested in acquiring her eggs. Photographers, home decorators, educators, and even museums have purchased NakedEggs' organic, “green” eggshells.

NakedEggs prides itself on putting together a meticulously selected product, derived from eggs thar are either infertile or past prime for consumption. These eggs are also from hens free of antibiotics, growth hormones, pollutants, and chemicals...and they receive 100% organic feed and are allowed to range freely.

Gail has found that part of the joy of collecting eggs is the opportunity to bring others together in a learning engage the community by teaching and supplying 4H groups, nature centers, artist workshops, and educational venues. The love of learning, and the love of art, know no age limit; NakedEggs is awed to be part of the process of bringing the two closer together.

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