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Cristina Soriano

Growing up I always loved to create things: pressing tropical flowers into homemade recycled paper, fashioning handbags out of old jeans pockets, making safety-pin bracelets and candles. And, despite the multitude of art courses throughout my young adult life, I have lost touch with my favorite pastime -- working with my hands.

A citizen of the world, I grew up with Spanish heritage in the Philippines before moving to the United States to continue my education. After several years of working in the fashion industry, I decided to pursue, full-time, my innate desire to work with my hands, focusing on the domestic and lifestyle sphere.

As with most Aries, I have a constant energy and a strong desire to make constructive use of my passion, incessantly creating, cooking, and entertaining. My observant eye and meticulous attention to detail allows me to absorb inspiration from the most banal occasions, and with my constant drive to create, I apply those inspirations throughout my home.

I believe the home is the most important of spaces -- a reflection of the inhabitant, a sanctuary for only positivity and peace. Homes have a spirit, a force generated by the dweller that is felt by all visitors, so I revel in constantly creating the most hospitable, refreshing, and cozy home. For me, one of the most rewarding endeavors is creation -- using my hands to make, cook, or write.

I am so excited to share my love for craft, art, entertaining, cooking, style, and writing with the Martha Stewart community. I hope that I inspire you not only to love your home even more, but to pursue your passions as well!

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