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Anika Yael Natori

Just like yours, my days are too short. Squeezing so much into every day is hard, but it’s the experience of living that really matters. That’s why I keep a blog, The Josie Girl, to record and share my everyday journey. I would not call myself an expert at any one thing, but rather a person who is constantly inspired by fashion, fitness, recipes, my family, and everything beautiful around me. The real "Josie" is my mother-in-law, fashion designer Josie Natori, who is a constant inspiration to me. In addition to being Josie Natori’s daughter-in-law, I am half Mexican, half Polish, and Jewish. My husband is half Filipino, half Japanese, and Catholic. We have two beautiful children, Zoe and Cruz. Together, we are a splatter board of cultures, ethnicities, and personalities. Originally from Oregon and currently residing in New York City, I am a hippie at heart, but am acclimating to my new city life. The streets of New York provide a constant stream of fashion and culture that I just can’t get enough of. Follow my blog to get a taste of what it’s like to be a cultural "mutt" and to get some new inspiration, thoughts, ideas, and activities to squeeze into your already crazy schedule!

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