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Adrienne Blumthal

Adrienne is a formally trained pastry chef, recipe writer, and entrepreneur. While in pastry school, she found herself in a sticky situation –– she suddenly (and frequently) needed to transport baked goods around town, but didn’t have a dependable, sustainable, and stylish way to do so. Baking is an art, from preparation to presentation, and the element of transportation must be considered too. Unwilling to compromise on an inferior pastry carrier, she and co-founders Carol and Steven created PieBox, a reusable wooden pie carrier. Based in Chicago, PieBox designs, develops, and manufactures reusable wooden pastry carriers and accessories –– a more sustainable and ascetically pleasing solution to the alternatives. All PieBox products are (and will always be) made in the USA. Shop PieBox in the Martha Stewart American Made Marketplace, exclusively on eBay.

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