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Madeline Trait

Madeline's creative path has not always been a straight one. She started her career as an architect, but quickly learned she needed creative freedom and the ability to work with her hands. She then discovered interior design and learned how to source finish materials, furniture, fabric, and art to create fun and beautiful spaces. However, her creative side was still not satisfied; she wanted to use her hands to create. Event design was the next logical next step. She created floral arrangements and other custom decor for weddings and small events. During this time, she started to make her infamous cake toppers. Madeline's business has turned into a diverse creative company in which she creates products from her illustrations, custom decor for celebrations, and art for all kinds of surfaces. Her style is eclectic and reflects a deep love of discovery and color. Yes, her path has been a winding one, but every direction she has pursued has given her the skills necessary to take her to where she is today. Though sometimes she longs for the stability of an office job, she knows this is where she is supposed to be.

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