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Taylor Ormond

At age 19, Taylor Ormond is the youngest of the Shriek or Chic: Martha's Haute Halloween Challenge contestants. Compared with the other contestants, Taylor's path to becoming a fashion designer was less straightforward. In her high school years, Taylor actually started out studying to become a mathematician until she took a home economics class, where she first learned how to sew. Still, she had no idea that she was on her way to choosing a career in fashion just yet.  After attending the Chicago Public School art program Gallery 37, where she got the opportunity to work on her illustration skills, Taylor slowly began creating her personal style -- feminine with a touch of punk rock -- while learning about different forms of design and expanding her knowledge about the world of fashion. Once she realized that she enjoyed working on sewing projects more than anything else, she finally decided to rethink her career path, and applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she is currently a student. Taylor may be young, but her talent and technical skills are obvious to anyone who has seen her designs -- she's already interned with popular designer Alice and Olivia, and was nominated by Fashion Institute of Technology for the FIT Michael Kors Scholarship. Taylor believes that her fashion strengths are construction, pattern-making, and draping. Taylor claims to be a huge fan of Martha, and says it would be a dream to be the designer behind her Halloween costume.

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