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It's time for your fiancé to man up and handle his pre-wedding grooming.
You asked. We answered.
Get the scoop on the skin-and-body-enhancing superfoods that will help you get that bridal glow.
'Tis the season to sparkle and shine. And if your engagement party (or any other couple-focused celebration) is happening around this time, all the more reason to wear shimmery beauty products. Was that a gasp we heard fall from your lips? Don't be afraid. We promise you won't look like an eighth-grader or a '80s club kid. Glitter makeup can actually be chic when done correctly. Follow our tips for grown-up ways to get your glitter on.
Your personal wedding season will be filled with many parties—not counting the big day. The engagement celebration, bachelorette, and shower are the three biggies. But let us not forget all of the random cocktail meet-ups with friends to toast to your impending nuptials. All of these social gatherings make for Instagram moments, so a girl has got to get her hair right! Booking in for blowout each time is bound to cut into any wedding budget. This is why we suggest learning how handle your hair business. New York stylist Christina Quillen schools you on everything you need to know for to DIY a Blake Lively-worthy blowout!
Here's a skincare routine you can stick to built around tried-and-true products that work.
Part of the wedding prep is ramping up your beauty routine. During this quest for bridal gorgeousness you'll probably come across a lot of conventional beauty wisdom. Warning!! Most of it will be total BS. Things like cutting your hair makes it grow faster or putting toothpaste on a zit clears it up are long-standing beauty myths. We can thank our Moms—and the media—for perpetuating these non-logical notions. But never mind that, it's time to learn some beauty truths as we separate fact from fiction.
What you wear down the aisle can say a lot about yourself.
It's game on for this pre-wedding party!
Because things happen—even to the most secure bridal hairstyles.