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Sara Dickinson

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This couple enjoyed their first dance in the lawn at their mountain view wedding, where the décor featured dried butterflies, moss, fresh herb centerpieces, and a pastel color palette.
The duo invited 163 guests to celebrate their nuptials on Lake Tahoe, complete with mountain views, a private boat ride, and dinner, drinks, and dancing lakeside.
The modern-meets-tropical reception that followed featured all-white florals, vintage surfboard signage, a 10-piece band, and two musical performances by the father-of-the-bride.
The duo invited 16 guests to the groom's family home to celebrate their wedding with an Italian-inspired feast, incorporating décor elements like fresh olive branches and vases filled with herbs to bring Italy to California.
This couple invited just twenty guests to celebrate their "tropical elegance" themed wedding on an island off the coast of Florida.
These grooms leaned on their professional event planning experience to put together six unique parties during their destination celebration for 30 of their closest friends and family.
This couple exchanged letters before the ceremony and invited 80 guests to watch them exchange vows and release butterflies at their June 12, vineyard wedding.
After exchanging vows in a church with family ties, this pair celebrated their contemporary nuptials in a historic auditorium.
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