Randi Gollin, Freelance Writer

Randi Gollin

Randi is a freelance writer for MarthaStewart.com.

Make the New Year dinner a truly festive celebration by adorning your family's Rosh Hashanah table with colorful serving pieces, elegant platters, a unique challah board, and other tabletop showstoppers. 
It's all about getting the most enjoyment possible from your favorite vino.
They're easy drinking and often easy on the budget.
Each ingredient is steeped in lore but the story behind how maple syrup became the partner for pancakes and a match in food heaven isn't so clear-cut.
With its colorful history and unforgettable flavor, pastis is a drink well worth exploring.
This delicious, nutritious protein-packed pseudocereal is becoming trendy, and for good reason.
Choose from pull-out and pull-down spray heads attached to the faucet or sidesprays that sit adjacent, all are designed to make kitchen cleanup more efficient.
Winter is the perfect time to embrace the joys of chocolate or cheese fondue, made in your very own electric or manual fondue pot.  
Truly a cut above, these knife blocks are crafted from oak, onyx, zinc, and more. They'll keep kitchen knives organized and look good while getting the job done. 
From stemless to stackable, bulb-shaped to balloon, here are our favorite wine glasses for regular use.
After you've baked and frosted a simply gorgeous cake, place it on the pedestal it deserves. Here are our some of our favorite ways to show off your sweetest creations.
Two trailblazing women are transforming smoke-tainted wine into a unique American brandy, among other spirits.
It's perfect for drizzling on ice cream, fried chicken, frittatas, and pizza.
Some utensils fall victim to bacteria or lose their edge, but others are built to last for years to come.
This libation is spirited and sippable, and serving one is a guaranteed way to end the evening on a high note.