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This fiesta-inspired celebration took place at a church and two colonial residences.
This celebration featured rustic décor and a soft color palette that included shades of pink, green, peach, and mauve.
This ethereal celebration featured a colorful palette in a verdant setting.
This garden-inspired wedding was set against the backdrop of a Spanish villa.
This fun-loving couple hosted a 110-guest celebration that included a lush ceremony in a park and a second line through the streets of the Big Easy.
This earthy local wedding had a farm-to-table feel and even a custom built tree.
Midwest charm and spectacular dresses played a big part in this special day.
This garden-themed fête was inspired by the bride's stunning floral gown.
This classic, but relaxed wedding combined black tie and burgers.
Organic beauty was the name of the game at this fairytale welcome dinner and destination wedding in Italy.
Teepees, flower crowns, and a horse rounded out this rustic chic event.
This rustic chic day was all about the Southwestern vibes.
This elegant European affair was complete with gilded décor, a red dress, and nods to French history.
It was a mix of art, love, and the Pacific Northwest.
This Southern wedding embraced an adventurous pair's love of the outdoors and their dogs.
This beach wedding weekend kickoff involved 350 guests and an almost 10-hour party.
These grooms celebrated in Texas with an intimate, masculine wedding.