Melissa Ozawa

Melissa Ozawa is the features editor at Martha Stewart Living.
Meet the passionate expert who has grown produce to cook and share with students and colleagues for more than a decade. His advice is timeless and tested, and applies to properties—and even pots—of any size.
Whether you've got one pot or a dozen, these care and design rules apply.
Growing your own food is incredibly satisfying, yields super fresh produce—and by working the soil organically, you help the environment.
Find out how to tend to this springtime plant from home.
The entrepreneur and on-the-go mom loves elevated essentials and earth-friendly labels that go the distance.
Since the Middle Ages, when monks filled them with medicinal plants, raised beds have been a smart, simple way to sow and grow things practically anywhere. They're invaluable in vegetable gardens, but great for cultivating fragrant blooms or succulents, too. Read on, and rise up.
Here, the plant enthusiast and entrepreneur shares how she got her start—and the go-to items that support her busy lifestyle.
We included a few of our favorite varieties to get you started.
The designer and owner of her eponymous brand, Valenzuela shares a few of her favorite things—from flirty tops and ergonomic flatware to bold-as-it-gets makeup.
The New York City- and Paris-based founder and creative director of Lemlem shares her daily essentials.
Ninebark is a native shrub that truly ticks every box: vivid foliage, lush blooms, and even visually "a-peeling" bark in winter. Kelly D. Norris, a landscape designer and author of New Naturalism, offers advice on growing the standout at home.
Here, the James Beard Award winner shares a few of her favorite things.
From the right boots and go-to gloves to the perfect tote and a trusty sun hat, these must-have tools and accessories make gardening even more enjoyable.
The beauty expert shares her product line's origin story—and a few of her daily essentials.
When fate (in the form of a mole-cricket invasion) forced Martha to relocate her vegetable plot eight years ago, she filled the space with a different kind of sustenance: wave after wave of breathtaking perennial flowers. Today, the landscape bursts with a rainbow of romantic blooms from spring through fall. Wander in for a top-of-the-season tour.
To remedy this, she launched an indie journal and culled together a cookbook to spotlight these voices. Here, she takes us inside her full career and shares a few of her essentials that get her from one day to the next.
Here, the YouTube fitness star shares a few of the things that elevate her everyday routine.
She applies this approach to both her firm's projects and her life. Here, a few of her favorite things.
Adopt these five simple habits, according to avian conservationists.