Melissa Ozawa

Melissa Ozawa is the features editor at Martha Stewart Living.
Here, the plant enthusiast and entrepreneur shares how she got her start—and the go-to items that support her busy lifestyle.
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The designer and owner of her eponymous brand, Valenzuela shares a few of her favorite things—from flirty tops and ergonomic flatware to bold-as-it-gets makeup.
To throw a buzzy pollinator party in your yard, you need a fabulous host. Look no further than the native perennial Monarda (otherwise known as bee balm). George Coombs, director of horticulture at Mt. Cuba Center, a botanical garden in Hockessin, Delaware, offers a primer.
The New York City- and Paris-based founder and creative director of Lemlem shares her daily essentials.
Ninebark is a native shrub that truly ticks every box: vivid foliage, lush blooms, and even visually "a-peeling" bark in winter. Kelly D. Norris, a landscape designer and author of New Naturalism, offers advice on growing the standout at home.
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The beauty expert shares her product line's origin story—and a few of her daily essentials.
When fate (in the form of a mole-cricket invasion) forced Martha to relocate her vegetable plot eight years ago, she filled the space with a different kind of sustenance: wave after wave of breathtaking perennial flowers. Today, the landscape bursts with a rainbow of romantic blooms from spring through fall. Wander in for a top-of-the-season tour.
To remedy this, she launched an indie journal and culled together a cookbook to spotlight these voices. Here, she takes us inside her full career and shares a few of her essentials that get her from one day to the next.
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