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An article attributed to "Martha Stewart Editors" indicates when several writers and editors have contributed to an article over the years. These collaborations allow us to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information available. The Martha Stewart team aims to teach and inspire readers daily with tested-until-perfected recipes, creative DIY projects, and elevated home and entertaining ideas. They are experts in their fields who research, create, and test the best ways to help readers design the life they want. The joy is in the doing.
Using crafty essentials like hot glue and shears, you can create essentials like cobwebs and other visual effects for tabletops, bookcases, and lighting fixtures.
Not every Halloween costume needs to be planned months in advance or requires hours of sewing time. It's quite possible to pull together a look with a few items from around the house, a touch of makeup, and simple supplies from your local crafts store. When choosing a last-minute Halloween costume, think in terms of accessories. Some of the easiest items you can use are a mask, headpiece, or a pair of glasses, which can be found in a costume shop or an accessories store. All you need to do is add some attachments—try feathers, fur, or creepy-crawly fake bugs—and you have a ready-to-go look in less than 15 minutes.  Your hairstyle also provides endless last-minute costume possibilities. Braid your hair and wrap it around your head in the fashion of ancient Romans and Greeks. Or turn yourself into Medusa by weaving in some rubber snakes. Complete each look by wearing all white and golden sandals. Now, for the fun part: It's time to suit up and let the spooky festivities commence!
The days of shoving misshapen elasticized linens into your closet are over, thanks to Martha's easy-to-follow video tutorial.
Every maker has a story. Whether you use an age-old method of indigo-dyeing that you hope to preserve and pass on or are trying a new way to brew all of the benefits that nature has to offer with a single pot of floral tea, the motivations behind what we make are endless. That's why we are dedicated to spotlighting and honoring various makers and their inspirations, in hopes that they may ignite the next generation of local creators and ever-passionate doers. Paying homage to, and continually supporting, homegrown talent is at the core of our work. Looking to shop with companies that make their goods close to home? This list of our favorite American-made retailers and their top products will help. And if you're someone who hopes to turn your dreams of creating into a full-time reality, we're here to inspire you with their stories. Sure, it may not always be easy to get started. Take maker Windy Chien, for instance. She left a high-profile job in the tech world to pursue more creative endeavors working with macramé, sacrificing her steady paycheck (and the approval of her mother) for something she believed in. For the Los Angeles-based duo behind eco-furniture brand, Kalon Studios, creating something new meant pushing their design limits to create something that was ethical and sustainable while still being beautiful. Both stories—along with the others you'll read—are a reminder that while it may not always be a breeze to create, the effort you'll put in is most certainly worth it.
Plus, how to choose the right one at the grocery store or farmers' market.