Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a true multi-hyphenate who has brought her knowledge of all things homekeeping to the masses via her television shows, magazines, and social media for generations. Based in Katonah, New York, where she helms her 156-acre Bedford Farm, Martha, the author of 99 books, an Emmy award winner, and America's first self-made female billionaire, founded Martha Stewart Living in 1990 and Martha Stewart Weddings in 1995.
Remembering Mr. and Mrs. Maus and their sublime family recipe.
When her loved ones come over, our founder cooks dishes that are simple to make, scrumptious, and, thanks to a few choice ingredients, downright celebratory.
The bronze one in her dining room is bedecked with silver tinsel and vintage red ornaments.
Give your oven a break and cook the turkey outside. Here, our founder explains why you'll want to try this low-fuss, no-baste method.
Over the past decade, Martha has planted hundreds of Japanese maples on her farm in Bedford—and every autumn, the still-diminutive trees put on a dazzling show. Feast your eyes on their brilliant foliage, and learn how she helps them thrive.
When Martha updated a kitchen on her farm this summer, she opted for a few impactful changes over a gut renovation, adding fresh coats of paint in new colors, smarter appliances, better organization, and striking displays for some of her favorite collections. Read on to see what she cooked up.
The steamy days of summer are ideal for growing this unique-tasting fruit. Martha plants several kinds on her farm and harvests them in August.
"The key to living harmoniously with pets is taking the time to train, nurture, and care well for them," she says.
Every June, Martha's sun-drenched strawberry patch explodes with fruit.
Every April, our founder gets busy harvesting the asparagus she grows on her farm and enjoying it in a range of delicious dishes. Here, she shares three new recipes that celebrate the vegetable's flavor and versatility.
Martha's Bedford greenhouses are a hive of activity all winter long. She spends hours in them, happily nurturing, repotting, and propagating her houseplants so they can spread their roots and flourish. Take a peek inside, and learn her techniques for keeping two varieties she loves on the up-and-up.
Martha's greenhouse is brimming with a wild display of colors, textures, and shapes. Here's why she's so smitten with this flowering plant.
Martha is living proof that staying active and eating well are key to a strong mind and body. She shares the daily routines, from hitting the gym to heading outdoors on her farm, that keep her fit and full of energy.
Each November, our founder bakes dozens of pies to give to her team at Bedford. Here she shares how the tradition began and this year's recipes.
Our founder shares her love for homegrown potatoes and hopes to inspire you to plant them, too.
Martha is passionate about trees, for both their beauty and the vital role they play in the environment. Over the past eight years, she's added dozens of breathtaking varieties to her Bedford farm. Learn her method for planting them—and planning for a bright future.
Pretty, practical, and ever-popular with antiquers, McCoy pottery caught Martha's eye three decades ago—and she's been collecting it ever since. She shares her fascination with pieces from the classic American company, and her most striking displays.
Our founder likes to serve an afternoon meal that lets the season's flavors shine through.
Our founder shares her sunny spread to enjoy with your nearest and dearest now, and at larger, splashier gatherings later.
Our founder created the most spectacular cake for Easter—now you can learn to do the same, too.
Come March, our founder looks forward to cooking up a traditional feast for friends and family on St. Patrick's Day. Over the years she's tried many different recipes, but these are her over-the-rainbow favorites.
For Valentine's Day, Martha is putting a fun spin on the classic gift. To follow her sweet recipe, start with the chicest of handmade boxes (behold that beautiful paper bow!), fill each one with personalized presents you know the recipient will adore, and send the love.