Louisa Kamps

Louisa is a freelance writer for MarthaStewart.com.
It's a balance of inner strength and all-around stability that, yes, makes you look lean—but more importantly, helps you move freely and avoid injury for years to come.
We're not sure about old dogs and new tricks, but for humans of a certain age, the science is clear: Being an absolute beginner is an absolutely great way to stay sharp and strong. Learn from eight women who mastered new skills in their 40s and beyond, and warm up for your next act.
It turns out there's no need for speed. A long, head-clearing walk brings many of the same benefits—to body, mind, and spirit—as a jog or even a sprint. Lean into this low-impact, all-ages exercise, and unlock the upsides of hitting your stride.
This could be the workout for you.
Scientists have discovered an amazingly simple way to get through tough times, deepen relationships, and feel happier every day: Try a little tenderness -- toward yourself.