Laura Wallis

Laura is a former executive editor for Martha Stewart Weddings.
This bicoastal couple invited guests to join them in Napa Valley for a ceremony and reception that celebrated their two unique cultures.
Everyone loves a bite-sized treat.
Sleek white flowers, gold accents, and a few taxidermied animals added to the décor and style of this black-tie, fun-filled wedding.
It was a weekend to remember, complete with fun gifts for the bridal party, a heartfelt ceremony, and a reception on the sand.
When this wedding photographer married her lawyer love, the celebration was all about customization. Featuring flowers, stripes, and beach balls instead of escort cards, Lisa Blume's Virginia nuptials were about as personal as they come.
A chic crowd and an epic party made for a memorable wedding day.
It was a wheely-fun (and personalized) wedding.