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Kristine Hansen

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Visiting the farmers' market is a great place to start, but there's more you can do.
Here's how the entrepreneur uses her company—which also produces jams and granola—to support her community.
"The need and the energy of the community informs everything I do," she says.
Fresh sea scallops, mushrooms, and wild greens are readily available for the harvesting if you know where to look.
A must-visit brewery's taproom presents more than suds. There's so much style and personal expression, you can't wait to return.
Copper Cow Coffee, which is known for its pour-over and natural creamers, is currently found across the country in Whole Foods Market, Wal-Mart, and Cost Plus World Market.
The founder of Egunsi Foods serves up ready-to-eat soups and stews.
Paint, siding, windows, and even a roof repair can maximize curb appeal.
Make smart decisions when it comes to cabinetry, countertops, floor plan, and layout.
Plumbing, bath tubs, and other fixtures should all be added up in the final budget.
Even if you're seated all day, you can incorporate stretches and exercises into your daily routine.
Hint: It's all about the ribbons and lassos.
Working around a decorative detail can be tricky. Skip the ironing board and keep this how-to on hand instead.