Jenny Comita

There's a lot to enjoy about the holiday season, but one of the best parts of the festivities is getting to show loved ones—both near and far—that you're thinking of them. And what better way to do so than with some homemade confections? Our sparkling selection of gift-worthy sweets runs the gamut of irresistible and arresting flavors, textures, and shapes. There are thumbprint cookies and nougat, chocolate-dipped orange slices and sparkling sugar cookies, cookies that look like acorns, and meringue-like confections. Each is a delicious jewel; combine them as you like and cause a happy commotion at your cookie swap or pack up a box as a heartfelt gift.
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Get an excellent start every day of the week with these delicious takes on classic breakfast baked goods. As sure as the sun rises in the east, these quick breads, muffins, pastries, scones, and sweet yeast breads will make any morning meal special.
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