Ashley Poskin, Freelance Writer
Ashley Poskin, Freelance Writer

Ashley Poskin

Ashley is a freelance writer for
Preserve your family's favorite dish or dessert by having its recipe transferred on an artisanal cutting board.
This stone cold, slow-paced monster from the grave is transformed from tattered clothing, frizzy hair, and a "Z" monogram emblazoned on their shirtfront.
Celebrate America's birthday with a decoration that's resplendent in red, white, and blue spirit.
There are three common methods, each with a romantic result.
Chartreuse paint and striped wallpaper on the interior gives this furniture a fresh look.
Experiment and depending on the fluidity of movement on the canvas, different effects are created.
Keep your beauty tools—and your skin—in pristine condition with a few household products.
Celebrate the mother-to-be with gifts, décor, and more—safely.
Keep your beauty tools—and your skin—in pristine condition with a few household products.
Celebrate the mother-to-be with gifts, décor, and more—safely.
Finials, stars, and even a crown make a beautiful holiday centerpiece.
As a décor idea, it doubles as an advent calendar and menorah.
A coat of paint, chinoiserie wallpaper, and a few well-chosen accessories—and you'll become your own mixologist at home.
Decorate your car with a theme like ours, "peace of candy."
This Halloween, costumed kids can grab candy from winged bats encircling this little haunted house.
It's easy to restore outdoor furniture with a coat of paint and a scalloped edge.
This project takes an estate sale find and gives it a modern makeover.
Enjoy the barbecue, ice-cold drinks, and freshly baked pie at this summery smorgasbord.
It doubles as an organizational idea for toys and imaginative play.
It's a simple way to frame your heirlooms at home.
Tea cups, saucers, serving bowls, and more all deserve showcasing beyond your cabinet.
It's an upcycling project that's perfect for you and the kids.
These bite-sized goodies are flavored with all-natural ingredients and shaped with cookie cutters.
That plain ordinary chair you found? All it needs is a spritz of color, a bright floral print, and some handy tools. Transformed, it offers your guests the best seat in the house.
With a seam ripper and some beginner skills, you can add pockets to any piece of clothing in your closet.
Master the art of shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique that results in rich patterns from indigo color. By bundling the fabric in five different ways, you can produce a traditional set of prints including arashi, kumo, itajime, and ne-maki.