Anna Kovel

Anna is a freelance writer for MarthaStewart.com.
Your broiler just might be the most useful—and underused—appliance in your kitchen. It cooks quickly, with no splatter, and its blast of direct heat perfectly caramelizes the outside of meats, seafood, and vegetables. Here, we're sharing are our best broiler recipes, from appetizers and weeknight dinners to simple yet elegant desserts.
He shares some of the ways he makes a delicious weeknight meal for his family using simple ingredients and tools that can adapt to any situation.
Elemental pairings like prosciutto and melon, smoked trout and cucumber, and rhubarb and beets prove that less is more.
Plus, learn how to use your judgement to tell when a cake is baked through. Once you master this skill, you'll be able to make a perfectly baked cake every single time, even if the oven isn't running perfectly or you don't have the right pan.
The bitter drink known as amaro, once the darling of sophisticates and world travelers, is a wide and intriguing category. This set of liqueurs, designed to be digestives, is now being explored before and after dinner, at bars and in small distilleries across America.
And what is it about this rich, meaty sauce that makes it so universally beloved?
Learn how the traditional dish differs from a full English breakfast, plus get our best tips for cooking this classic Irish fry.
Do you love butternut and acorn squashes? Then you should try their diminutive and delicate cousin, which is even easier to prepare and just as delicious.
From cake to waffles, experiment with these ideas and look forward to the delicious results.
Here's how to get started with wild yeasts.
We use this technique in many of our recipes—here's why you should add a little starchy cooking water to your own finished pasta dishes.
All you need to bake bread is flour, water, and yeast but these expert tips and tools will make the elemental process even more enjoyable.
A pomegranate is a true gem of a fruit—its jewel-like seeds and sweet-tart juice make all kinds of sweet and savory recipes sparkle, including salads, braised meats, cocktails, and so much more.
Don't let butternut have all the fun! Try bright, beta-carotene-rich kabocha squash tonight.
Cue the sauce, chutney, cocktails, muffins, and more as you embrace mellow fruitfulness.  
Get the most from homemade soup with this guide to making, storing, and reheating soup.
We're sharing comforting meals for the days when you need one most.
Delicious, festive, and fun sweet endings for the holiday meal including no-bake crème brûlée, swiss roll, steamed pudding, meringues, ice-cream cake, and fruitcake!
These delicious are perfect meals for when time is tight—and even when it isn't. The fact that they're economical to make is just an added bonus.
From pizzelles to biscotti and pignoli to buccellati, we're sharing our favorite Italian cookie recipes to bake and give for Christmas and all year round.
We're sharing a selection of fun holiday recipes that you and your little ones will enjoy baking together, including thumbprints, Christmas tree cookies, and gingerbread kids.