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Brooklyn Delhi Founder Chitra Agrawal Serves Weeknight Dinners with a Generous Helping of Sauce
The chef, cookbook author, entrepreneur, and mom shares her go-to strategies and make-ahead tips for getting dinner on the table. Plus, she reveals what's in her pantry.
Ami Colé—a New-to-Market Makeup Brand—Celebrates Melanin-Rich Skin and the Beauty of Senegal
"Senegal is all about teranga, which means, 'Come in, you're welcome,'" says founder and CEO Diarrha N'Diaye-Mbaye on the inspiration behind her industry-disrupting business.
Caitlin Gooch Is Promoting Youth Literacy by Encouraging Kids to Read to Horses
As the founder of Saddle Up and Read, her non-profit is hosting all kinds of equine activities for children in the state of North Carolina.

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